Australian Metal Co. Pty Ltd

The Chiert family has been involved in the recycling of scrap metal since 1972. The family business evolved in 1991 with the establishment of Australian Metal Co.

Australian Metal Co. is a recycler and collector of all Non-Ferrous Metals, and Precious Metal Scrap specializing in the collection and processing of auto catalytic converters for the recovery of the Platinum Group Metals contained in them.

Since its inception, AMC has been one of the leading recyclers of gold and silver from electronics scrap. The diversity of the company extends to the dismantling and recycling of redundant electro-mechanical and electronic telecommunication equipment. AMC is also a large collector and recycler of copper and copper base alloy scrap as well as aluminium, stainless steel and high nickel alloys. AMC holds Environmental licenses to ensure safe handling of all its material. AMC also has facilities for pick up and removal of steel scrap and offer a total factory clean-up service.

Since 2000, AMC has embarked on a collection system to service all wrecking yards wherein we clear out not only the auto catalytic converters, but purchase all Non-Ferrous Metals: "THE ONE STOP COLLECTION SYSTEM."

Scrap metal Images

Scrap Metal - Rims (assorted scrap)Scrap Metal - Gearboxes
Rims (assorted scrap)
Scrap Metal - Various Non FerrousScrap Metal - Circuit Boards
Various Non Ferrous
Circuit Boards
Scrap Metal - Other PC scrapScrap Metal - Sheets of scrap
Other PC scrap
Sheets of scrap
Scrap Metal - Other Non FerrousScrap Metal - Other Non Ferrous (Copper pieces)
Other Non Ferrous
Other Non Ferrous (Copper pieces)
Scrap Catalytic ConvertersScrap Metal - Tubing
Scrap Catalytic Converters
Scrap Catalytic Converters - Vic TeamScrap Catalytic Converters
Scrap Catalytic Converters - Vic Team
Scrap Catalytic Converters
Scrap Catalytic ConvertersScrap Catalytic Converters
Scrap Catalytic ConvertersScrap Catalytic Converters



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